Application advantage of Electric hammer

- Sep 12, 2017 -

1. Good damping system: can make the operator hold comfortable, alleviate fatigue.
2. Accurate speed switch: light touch switch when the speed is low, can help the machine to start drilling smoothly (for example, on the smooth surface of ceramic tiles, such as drilling, not only to prevent the drill bit slippery, but also to prevent the hole rupture.)
3. Stable and reliable safety clutch: Also known as torque limit clutch, to avoid the use of the process due to the bit of the card lag caused by the large torque reaction to the user, this is a security for users.
4. Comprehensive electrical Protection device: In the use of the inevitable particles of hard things into the machine (especially for the machine upward drilling, such as the wall top drilling), if the motor does not have a certain protection, in high-speed rotation is very easy to be hard to break or scratch the enameled wire, resulting in motor failure.

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