Basic Knowledge of Electric Hammer

- Jul 10, 2018 -

Electric hammers and hammers have different models. Different models, different ranges and methods of usages are different. Below, let's take a look at the differences between the different electric hammer models, the meaning of the different letters on the electric hammer type code, and the related problems of different electric hammer models and drill bits.

Firstly, the electric hammer model is divided into E, RE, DFR, DRE, what is the difference?

There are many types of electric hammers, such as the Bosch GBH2-26 type, which is divided into several different models such as GBH 2-26E, GBH 2-26RE, GBH 2-26DFR and GBH 2-26DRE. The price difference is several hundred dollars. So what is the difference between these models, what do the different letters represent?

1. The first letter indicates the hammer type:

G=Professional (GBH2-22RE)

P = household grade (PBS75A)

A=Garden equipment (ART30Combitrim)

2. The second and third letters indicate the variety of the hammer

BM=electric drill (GBM350RE)

SB=impact drill (GSB13RE)

BH=electric hammer (GBH2-22RE)

SH=Electricity (GSH388X)

SR= Cordless screwdriver (GSR9.6-2)

WS = angle grinder (GWS7-125)

ST=Jig Saw (GST65E)

HO= electric planer (GHO10-82)

HG=Hot air gun (GHG500-2)

DM=Cloud Machine (GDM13-34)

3, the fourth digit after the number indicates the main parameters of the hammer

Kg rating (GBH2-22S)

Power (GBM350RE)

Processing diameter (GBH2-26RE)

Several gears mechanical speed control (GBM13-2RE)

Voltage (charging thing) (GSR9.6-1)

Sawing ability (GST54E)

Disk diameter (GWS14-150CI)

4, the suffix letters indicate the personality of this hammer

R = positive and negative (GSB550RE)

E=Electronic stepless speed regulation (GSB550RE)

A = vacuum function (GSS280A)

P=swing function (GST85PBE)

B = arc handle (GWS24-180B)

V = voltage (charging stuff) (GSR7.2V)

C = constant speed control (GWS8–100CE)

L = long arm straight grinder (GGS27L)

S=flat drilling function (GBH2-24DSR)

D = chiseling function (GBH5–38D)

F=Chuck replacement (GBH4DFE)

X = hexagonal drill / chisel head (GBH5-38X)

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