Basic Knowledge of Power Tools 2

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Five, the structure of electric tools: there are mainly six parts.

Shell: support and protection

Motor: there are three main types of DC, series, asynchronous.

Transmission mechanism: changing speed and direction (belt drive, gear drive, coupling).

Working head: working part has rotation, reciprocating, vibration and impact.

Switch and internal circuit: the switch type is more, and the internal circuit has the function of suppressing magnetic interference.

Handle: grip and installation switch

Six. The main parameters of the electric tool

Voltage, current, frequency, speed, power, weight, shape and size, and the special parameters of various electric tools, such as the sawing thickness of the curved saw.

Seven, implementation of standards and certification

Electric tools mainly implement national standard GB3883 and European standard EN60745, UL American Standard.

Related tests, certification and declarations to be passed: CE, GS, EMC, UL, ETL.


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