Daily maintenance of electric hammer and electric hammer

- Aug 25, 2018 -

       Check the wear condition of the brush every week, replace the short brush in time, and then run for a few minutes to make the brush and the commutator in good contact. When replacing the carbon brush, it is better to maintain the mechanical part of the hammer.

The position of the air outlet should be kept clear, oil and dirt should be eliminated regularly, the electric hammer dust cap should be replaced regularly, and the lubricating oil and the main O-ring should be replaced.

     Do not apply a large amount of force during use, and drill deep holes in several times. If the transmission component is stuck, the rotation speed drops sharply or stops suddenly; or if abnormal vibration or sound is found, the temperature rise is too high or there is odor; or if the spark is found to be greater than level 2 or there is a ring fire, the power must be cut off immediately. Send it to a professional.

Maintenance of electric hammer and electric shovel

Electric hammer with butter, good quality butter can be used for more than half a year, ordinary butter is usually added once every two months, no need to add too much. If it is dry, add two bottles of mineral water to cover the bottle, then hammer the head to the ground for about 30 seconds.

The electric shovel mainly adds oil (Note: the oil will enter the oil pipeline when the motor is running). Mix in 3/4 oil plus 1/4 butter ratio. The gearbox can be added once every 3 months.

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