electric breaker

- Nov 09, 2017 -

electric breaker is a single-phase series motor powered double insulated hand-held electric tool, it has the characteristics of safety, high efficiency, convenient operation, widely used in pipe laying, mechanical installation, water supply and drainage facilities construction, interior decoration, port facilities construction and other construction, applicable to pick the drill or other appropriate accessories, such as a chisel, shovel on the asphalt pavement concrete, masonry structure, crushing, chipping, mining, slotting, cutting and other operations.

Performance editor

Sliding clamp design, locking more solid, loading and unloading rod faster.

Soft rubber wrapped auxiliary handle can effectively reduce vibration, with 360 degree rotation function, so that the operation is more convenient and more comfortable.

Optimize mechanical structure design to provide extraordinary impact and durability.

High quality motor, instantaneous surging power, higher efficiency.

Unique damping spring plate, greatly reduce the rear vibration, reduce operator fatigue.

Switch lock function, suitable for long time work

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