Fault and maintenance of electric hammer

- Dec 11, 2017 -

1. Electrical fault

Hammer electrical fault, main circuit, short circuit, earthing, rotor commutator ring of big spark.

Most of the circuit is broken line fault, the fault line is most common in the handle of the root of this line has a characteristic, is the power line of the electric hammer received a multimeter resistance standard, the switch is pressed by hand, the root activities covered, multimeter reading will be changed, in addition there is also the root plug switch easily broken, bad situation, switch with a multimeter is a good check brush can be caused by poor contact breaker, there are two ways to check brush machine, poor contact:

The first end is smooth as the observation of carbon brush contact is good, the bad contact pits. Another method is to check the multimeter pen received the motor end, using two screwdrivers and pressed into the nest and brush on the rotor, such as the conduction, motor faults, carbon brush after the barrier, that is bad. The stator earrings are broken and the motor can be broken.

Sometimes the rotor is also broken, the characteristic is to connect the power line to the multimeter, and turn the rotor slowly, and the readings will have a great change. The ground is generally composed of stator and rotor rub rub caused by iron, iron is needed to change. The rotor, another is caused by water or moisture to dry it. Sparks are generally large rotor rotor fault caused by the need to replace the rotor, the rotor replacement to observe whether there is the rub rail phenomenon. Wipe the severe iron boot is choking choking sound, wipe the iron light work a long time there will be smell current also increased, the cause of the rub rail are fixed stator screw loosening, bearing too loose, the stator shell deformation, bearing damage etc..

Two. Mechanical failure

Hammer is the most important part of the fault of mechanical shock and impact is not weakness, the main reason is the impact of the rubber ring is a piston and hammer on aging, the cylinder upright, down mouth, such as hammer to drop the apron is aging, aging aprons can hear the piston and hammer each other the impact in the work of the voice can be found after disassemble the piston and hammer face shiny, shock can be caused by short seed impact (which can be compared to the impact of new seeds)

No oil can also cause inability to impact. If the above situation is not normal, it is necessary to see if there is a crack in the large cylinder, and the crack should be replaced.

If the motor turns after the machine is opened, the hammerhead can not hear the compression of the sound may be the connecting rod broken or eccentric wheel break. If the motor turns after the machine is turned on, the hammer does not turn or the sound is not compressed, it may be the first grade wheel damage or the rotor shaft broken. The other is that the parachute tooth is bad for turning into weakness or no turn at all.

There is another phenomenon, which I urge you to notice, that is, the key fracture. When we check the matching of gear and shaft, it is not easy to find the fracture of key because of the strong friction shaft and gear glue, but it can't work normally after loading.

Before changing the new piece, it is necessary to clean up the stolen goods and oil pollution in the fault point so that we can find other faults.

The middle roller bearing cover must be good, such as the use of defective goods, he can be damaged, the joint will a wheel and the rotor shaft are easy to damage.

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