Hammer dust removal system (cordless articles)

- Dec 25, 2017 -

1. Hammer dust removal system overview

Hole drilling is essential for home renovation or industrial installation. Hole in the wall usually decorate or install the master hammer hammer drill often dust is very much, no decoration is better said that if the decoration will certainly cause some pollution. This cleaning is extremely troublesome, and even a vacuum cleaner such as Dyson can do nothing. Because the dust is all over the place. Only a full range of cleaning. At this time if there is dusting dust on the prevention of the best.

Fortunately, some manufacturers are aware of this, designed a number of vacuum dedusting devices, these devices is characterized by minimizing the leakage of dust in the work of the hammer to collect dust. The general decoration master with such dust cover. The effect is, but the dust is still big.

It is necessary to consider the systematic design, from the beginning to consider the design to consider dust collection.

However, in general, one is an external vacuum cleaner, one is a systematic motor-driven design, and one is vacuum-suctioned by a motor air duct.

Both have their own strengths. External dust cleaner dust cleaner, but the hammer attached to the vacuum cleaner a bit inconvenient.

Another comes with dust collection device, the structure is more complex, but also bulky.

People are also studying lightweight + vacuum dust collection hammer, but the current progress is not yet groundbreaking.

Therefore, this shopping guide can only be built on the basis of existing products, although the dust removal and the effect can not be very perfect between the cooperation, but this is the status quo of the current technology development, accept it. Here we look at what are the sale of the dust hammer.

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