Hammer, impact drill, and drill (flat drill) are three different things.

- Oct 11, 2017 -

    Hammer, impact drill, and drill (flat drill) are three different things. Hammer and impact drill, is in the drill at the same time with a high frequency of the impact of the impact, can be understood as a small hammer with continuous hit the rotating drill bit, can be more efficient in the stone or concrete hole. And flat drilling, because only by the drill bit high-speed circular, the efficiency is much lower. However, the impact of the impact of side effects, that is, he is not allowed in the positioning of wood plastic, tile glass will be broken, playing the hole is also too beautiful. Moreover, the impact drill and hammer does not apply to metal materials. The hammer can be seen as a fully enhanced version of the impact drill, relying on a greater impact than the impact of drilling a single impact on the concrete marble can be more efficient drilling, and the impact of drilling on the brick wall But also worthy of a rock (granite marble god horse) or reinforced concrete on the counseling, and let people do not want to live. Now on the market of hammer and impact drill, generally through a special switch, hand off off the impact of its function, so that the product can be the same as the flat diamond does not rotate the impact, expand the scope of the product can be compatible with metal wood God horse, even when the electric screwdriver on a screw assembly furniture, for death can also be connected to the wheel (dangerous caution, at your own risk). Of course, hammer and the impact of drilling generally much more than Ping drilling a lot of Shen, really so have to look at the use. And even some hammer, you can do only the impact does not rotate, transformed into a ho ho, and bathroom demolition of what the weapon tile. PS: hammer drill bit is dedicated (even the engineering level of the big hammer and the home of the small hammer drill are not the same). If you want to use a twist drill to drill a drill designed for a normal impact drill, you need a special converter

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