How to choose electric Tools?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

The use of hand-held electric power tools used in the environment is harsh, to keep moving, large vibration, high noise; power cord is susceptible to drag, friction or mechanical extrusion and damage, so that the insulation strength is damaged, causing personal shock casualties, in order to prevent accidents, should be correctly selected hand-held power tools.
1. Select qualified products with "3C" certification.
2. General occasions should be selected Ⅱ products, such equipment with dual insulation, the use of relatively safe.
3. In the humid place or metal frame, such as conductive performance good place to work, should choose Ⅱ class or Ⅲ products.
4. In the metal containers, pipelines, boilers and other narrow places work, should choose Ⅲ category products.
5. If the use of Class I products, the safety requirements should be taken as necessary other safety measures, such as the installation of leakage protector, safety isolation transformers.

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