How to install a bit for a flashlight

- Apr 29, 2018 -

The drill must install the drill to perform its normal function. If it does not install the drill or the bit is incorrect, it is easy to hurt people in the process of use, so how to drill the drill for the hand?


The first step is to disconnect the power of the drill and pull the plug from the socket.2002 2.jpg

The second step, hand on the gloves, one hand grip the hand drill, the other hand pinch the hand drill gourd mouth, force rotation, let the hole position of the bit show out, if the hand electric drill front end has a ring tooth, with the configuration of the special key wriggle, release the drill bit installation hole is good.


The third step is to take out the bit to be installed, place it on the hole exposed on the front end of the electric drill, and rotate the bit with clockwise rotation.


The fourth step is to adjust the depth of the bit into the hole and lock it in a clockwise direction with a special key.

2841sre-正 副本.jpg

The fifth step is to plug in the power line plug of the hand drill and switch it for 2 seconds to observe whether the drill bit is stable.


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