Introduction Hammer selection and working principle

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Hammer choice, according to the size of the workload and their own economic ability may be. Imported equipment performance is better, the price is higher. In recent years, the performance of domestic hammer has been greatly improved, and the price is relatively cheap, as long as properly used, will not affect the construction quality.

Hammer specifications are based on input power division, the power of drilling capacity, cutting ability are generally quite strong, but the weight will increase. Second, when choosing a hammer, it is best to let the machining capacity of the tool be slightly larger than the work requirement, generally should be 10% -20% larger than the work requirement to avoid damaging the implement.

In addition, in addition to pay attention to the choice of electric hammer, hammer drill choice is also very important. The choice of drill bit depends on the nature of the work, often used are tungsten carbide cement drill bit, tungsten carbide cross drill bit, sharp chisel, flat chisel, ditch chisel, ditch chisel and so on. There are several commonly used drill bits on the market today: tungsten carbide cement bits, tungsten carbide cross bits, sharp chisels, flat chisels, ditches, hollow drills and the like.

The so-called tungsten carbide cement drill bit is mainly used for drilling concrete of various strength levels, the most commonly used specifications for the 5-38mm. The tungsten carbide cross drill is mainly used for drilling a variety of bricks and a little lower strength concrete, its processing larger aperture, the required power of the machine is also large, usually the specification is 30-80mm.

Another sharp chisel is used to break, flat chisel is used to fight hair, ditch chisel is used to grooving operations. The hollow drill bit is also used for slotting work, but the hollow drill used in engineering work is relatively small, it can not only be used to drill large holes, the size of 4-125 mm.

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