Knowledge of Electric Hammer A

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Name and definition

    Chinese name:电锤

    English name: rotary hammer

    Definition: An electric rotary hammer drill with a safety clutch attached to a pneumatic hammer mechanism.


    Electric tools are electric hammers, which are mainly used to drill holes in concrete, floor slabs, brick walls and stone. Professionally punch holes in the wall, concrete, stone, and multi-function electric hammer, adjust to the appropriate position with the appropriate drill bit can replace the ordinary electric drill, electric pick.

    The electric hammer is based on the electric drill, and a piston driven by the electric motor to drive the crankshaft connecting rod is added. The air is reciprocally compressed in one cylinder, so that the air pressure in the cylinder changes periodically, and the changed air pressure drives the hammer in the cylinder to reciprocate. Hit the top of the drill bit as if we were hitting the drill bit with a hammer. Named electric hammer!

    Since the drill of the electric hammer generates a rapid reciprocating motion (frequent impact) along the direction of the electric drill rod while rotating, it can quickly punch holes in materials such as cement concrete and stone which are brittle. The high-grade electric hammer can use the changeover switch to make the drill of the electric hammer in different working states, that is, only the rotation does not impact, only the impact does not rotate, and both impact and rotation.

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