Maintenance and inspection of electric hammers

- Sep 12, 2017 -

1. Check drill bit: the use of dull or curved bit, will make the motor over load surface operating conditions and reduce operational efficiency, therefore, if found in such cases, should immediately deal with replacement.
2. Electric Hammer body fastening screws check: Because the electric hammer operation produces the impact, easy to make the electric hammer fuselage installation screw loosen, should check its fastening condition frequently, if found the screw loose, should immediately again tighten, otherwise may cause the electric hammer fault.
3. Check the carbon brush: the carbon brush on the electric machine is a kind of consumables, the wear degree once exceed the limit, the motor will malfunction, therefore, the worn brush should be replaced immediately, in addition the carbon brush must always keep clean state.
4. Protection of grounding line inspection: the protection of grounding line is an important measure to protect personal safety, so the Ⅰ type apparatus (metal shell) should always check its casing should be well grounded.
5. Check the dust cover: The dust cover is designed to protect the dust and dirt into the internal body, if the dust cover is worn out, it should be replaced immediately.

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