Personal protection, use a hammer at

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Personal protection, use a hammer at

1, the operator should wear protective glasses, to protect the eyes, when the face up work, to wear protective masks.

2, long-term operation, Fort earplugs, in order to reduce the impact of noise.

3, after long-term operation, the drill is in hot state, should pay attention to burn skin when changing.

4, the operation should use the side handle, hands operation, to prevent blocking when the reaction force sprain arm.

5, standing on the ladder work or high altitude work should do good fall measures, ladders should ground personnel support.

Two, matters needing attention before operation

1, confirm the site connected with the power supply and the electric nameplate is consistent. Is there a leakage protector?.

2. The drill bit and the gripper should be fitted and properly installed.

3, drilling walls, ceilings, floors, should be confirmed whether there is buried cable or pipe.

4, in high altitude operation, should pay full attention to the following objects and pedestrian safety, if necessary, set warning signs.

5, confirm the hammer switch is cut off, if the power switch is switched on, then the plug is inserted into the power socket of electric tools will immediately turn by surprise, which may lead to injury risk.

6, if the work place is far away from the power supply place, need to extend the cable, should use enough capacity, installation of qualified extension cable. Extension cable, such as through the pedestrian aisle should be elevated or do a good job to prevent cable rolling damage measures.


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