Power Tools Export-led Demand, Insufficient Supply of High-end Products

- Aug 20, 2018 -

On the demand side, the market demand for power tools in China is mainly export-oriented, supplemented by domestic sales. After decades of development, the power tool industry has matured in the process of undertaking the international division of labor, and has become one of the major suppliers of the international power tool market. As an industry with obvious outward-looking characteristics, China's power tool industry (machines and parts) has an export rate of over 80%, and its export volume ranks first in the world. As a mechanized tool with a wide range of power tools, power tools are widely used in various fields of national economy such as construction roads, metal processing, and wood processing. With the development of the world economy, power tool manufacturers and parts manufacturers face broad market space. .

On the supply side, China's power tool manufacturers and parts manufacturers have emerged as a result of market demand, and a number of manufacturers with high level of specialization, strong technical research and development capabilities, and stable supply quality have emerged. In the market competition, the scale of production has been continuously expanded and the market concentration has increased. It is particularly worth mentioning that most of China's power tool industry is a private enterprise, and the highly competitive private enterprises have become the main force in the development of China's power tool industry. For example, in Yongkang, where the power tool market in China is extremely developed, as early as 2002, the production of Yongkang power tools in the “Hardware Capital” surpassed the world's power tool countries Japan and Germany, respectively, becoming one of the world's largest power tool production bases. However, at present, China's power tool manufacturers and parts manufacturers are still mixed, the ability to produce high-grade power tools is slightly insufficient, and the power tool industry needs further improvement and maturity.

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