Precautions for using the electric hammer and how to buy the electric hammer

- Aug 14, 2018 -

The rotary hammer is a drilling tool powered by an AC power source or a DC battery, and is a type of hand-held power tool. Widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, etc., for opening or piercing objects on objects. Tools/Material Hand Drill Accessories: Drill chucks, output shafts, gears, rotors, stators, housings, switches and cable steps/methods Right angle drills – suitable for use in tight work spaces.

Twist drill bit --- is most suitable for iron, aluminum alloy and other materials. Can also be used to make wooden materials.

Hole opener - suitable for opening holes in iron and wood materials.

Wood drill bits - specially used for wood materials. With a positioning rod for precise positioning.

Glass drill bit - suitable for punching holes in glass.

Precautions should not be used to drill cement and brick walls. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the motor to overload and burn the motor. The key is that there is no impact mechanism in the motor and the bearing capacity is small.

26 rotary hammer is the most common electric hammer tool. It is widely used in people's lives. In order to use safety, 26 electric hammer should pay attention to the following before operation:

1. Confirm whether the power supply connected to the electric field matches the nameplate of the electric hammer, and whether there is a leakage protector.

2. The drill bit and the holder should be adapted and properly installed.

3. When drilling walls, ceilings and floors, first confirm whether there are buried cables or pipes.

4. When working in a high place, pay full attention to the following objects and pedestrian safety, and set a warning sign if necessary.

5. Check if the switch on the hammer is cut off. If the power switch is turned on, the power tool will turn off unexpectedly when the plug is plugged into the power socket, which may cause personal injury.

6. If the work site is away from the power source, extend the cable. If the extension cable is through the pedestrian aisle, it should be elevated or prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged.

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