Precautions Should beTaken Before Homework

- May 29, 2018 -


1. Confirm whether the power supply on the spot matches the nameplate of the electric hammer. Whether there is a leakage protector.

2. Drill bit and gripper should be fitted and properly installed.

3. When drilling walls, ceilings and floors, confirm whether there are buried cables or pipes.

4. When working at high places, we should pay full attention to the safety of the objects and pedestrians below, and set up warning signs when necessary.

5. Confirm whether the switch on the electric hammer is cut off, if the power switch is switched on, the plug is inserted into the power outlet and the hammer will rotate immediately when the power switch is inserted, which may cause the danger of personnel injury.

6. If the workplace is far away from the power source, when extending the cable, sufficient capacity should be used to install qualified extension cables. Extension cables should be elevated along the pedestrian walkways or to prevent damage to the cables.

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