Rotary Hammer characteristics

- Dec 11, 2017 -

1, good shock absorption system: it can make the operator hold comfortable and relieve fatigue.

Approach: to achieve through the "vibration control system"; the soft handle increased comfort grip;

2, precise speed control switch: when the touch switch is low, it can help the machine start drilling smoothly, for example, on the smooth surface of ceramic tiles, not only to prevent drilling from sliding, but also to prevent drilling ruptures. High speed can be used in normal work to ensure efficiency.

3, stable and reliable safety clutch: also called the torque limiting clutch, to avoid transmitting the large torque reaction force to the user during the use process because of the blockage of the drill bit, which is a safety protection for users. This feature also prevents the stop rotation of the gear and motor.

Motor protection device 4, comprehensive: in use will inevitably have hard granular access to a machine (especially on the machine to work on drilling, such as drilling on the top wall), if there is no certain motor protection, rotating at high speed can easily be hard break or scratch enameled wire, resulting in motor failure.

5, positive function: can make the hammer with a wider range of the form is mainly realized through the switch or adjust the brush position, usually big tools will be used to adjust the brush position (rotating brush) to achieve the benefits of doing so is easy to operate, effectively restrain the spark to protect motor commutator, prolong the use life

6. Double function of hammer drill

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