Safety Operating Specifications for Electric Drill

- May 29, 2018 -

1. When using electric drill, you must wear insulated rubber gloves and rubber shoes. When working in wet places, you must work on insulating mats or dried planks to prevent electric shock.

2. the casing of the drill must be grounded or neutral.

3. Electric drill wire must be well protected. No delay should be strictly prohibited to prevent rolling and cutting. It is not allowed to drag wires into oil water to prevent corrosion of oil and water wires.

4. When the use of electric drills in the use of electricity leakage, vibration, high heat or abnormal sound, should stop work immediately, find professional electrician maintenance, not self dismantled, assembly.

5. When the electric drill is not completely stopped, the drill can not be replaced.

6. Power cuts, rest or leave the workplace, should immediately cut off the power supply.

7. If the drill is used to press the electric drill, it is necessary to use the vertical workpiece of the electric drill, and the fixed ends must be particularly firm. It is not necessary to use a bar to press the hand drill.

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