The difference between the electric hammer and the hammer

- Dec 11, 2017 -

The percussion drill is a kind of electric tool that can both rotate and impact. It has adjustable mechanism, when the adjusting ring is no impact position in rotation, a twist drill is installed on the metal. When the adjusting ring is in the position of rotation and impact, the drill bit with hard alloy can be drilled on the brick surface, the concrete wall, the roof and the scene.

General Electric has only rotation, particularly suited to the needs of small force materials such as drilling, cork, metal, bricks, tiles, and percussion drill is universal, because they can use the "single drill" mode, you can also use "drill" mode, so professional and do it yourself and it is worth choosing basic electric tools.

The working principle of percussion drill is to produce continuous force by rotation and impact. The single impact is very slight. Take the best seller GSB13RE of BOSCH for example, the impact frequency is 44800 times per minute, resulting in continuous impact. So the percussion drill can be used to drill holes in natural stones or concrete.

Hammer rely on the rotation and Strickland call work. A single beat is very high, and beat the high frequency of the BOSCH to the seller for GBH2-22RE as an example, the load hammering frequency 4400 times per minute, single hammer 2.2 joules per minute, so every time can produce a significant force. Compared with the electric hammer, impact drill need more pressure to drill into the hard material, so in stone and concrete, especially the relatively hard concrete drill, electric hammer should be used. Some of the electric hammer and drill shape is not obviously different from the difference in choosing technical parameters.

The impact of drilling under normal circumstances is to be used for electric drill used: one is because the impact drill in the use of direction is not easy to grasp, prone to misuse, open the hole is too large; the two bit is not sharp, so that the holes are not neat, burrs or cracks; three even if there is a change-over switch, also do not try to drill, unless you use a special wooden drill bit, but because the drill speed very fast, it is easy to make black holes and the bit fever, thus affecting the service life of the drill.

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