The installation method of the electric hammer bit:

- Apr 29, 2018 -

At the time of installation, the drill is directly inserted into the hammer chuck and can be rotated right and left until the bit is locked automatically. Finally, the bit is pulled to determine whether it is locked correctly.

Before you install the drill, you must press the chuck below the eye of the hammer bit to the bottom to make the chuck and the bit eye separate. (when it is necessary to press the chuck and lift the bit up at the same time), then insert the bit into the eye, and then release the chuck and let it back. When installed, lift the electric hammer to drill the drill on the wall or floor, try to drill it. If there is a clear sense of impact, it will indicate that the drill bit is in place. Otherwise, it will be reinstalled. (the bird's nest of the long grass)

The front black plastic part is a sliding clip group, as the name suggests can slide, as long as the downward slide can be taken to change the bit, look at, thank (the God of haiku)

First, place a bit of oil in the place where the bit is stuck. The card bit has two kinds of cards and the key of the skew tooth should be treated separately.

Card: the electric drill is erected to remove the snap ring and then remove the drill bit.

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