Trivia for Power Tools

- Jun 26, 2018 -

Trivia for Power Tools

1. Do you know? Electric tools, like humans, have a run-in period.

Here I do not know if you have such experience that after buying back electric tools, sometimes you will find that it will be broken if you use it. But for the same types of tools, you can use them for a long time. The difference is that many people do not know that the key is that the tool has a running-in period after it leaves the factory.

2. Do not overload the power tool during the running-in period

After the power tool is shipped from the factory, it usually has about 60 hours of running-in period before using. The running-in period is the main link to ensure the normal operation of the construction machinery, to reduce the failure rate, and to prolong the service life. However, there are still some users lacking common sense in the usage of power tools, and some users have neglected the special operation skills of the new mechanical running-in period due to the tight schedule. Even some users think that anyway, the manufacturer has a warranty period, the machine is broken by the manufacturer responsible for maintenance, so that the equipment overloaded during the run-in period.

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