What are the characteristics of electric screwdriver, impact drill and electric drill? Which tool should be chosen to assemble IKEA's wardrobe and desk furniture?

- Oct 24, 2017 -

If only for assembling furniture, use electric / charging screwdriver, if you want to use the equipment for drilling operation, use electric / rechargeable drill. The following will detail the difference between several devices:

Electric / pneumatic / rechargeable screwdriver (wrench): machine features with torque adjustment, automatic stop (slip), shock, quick connector, reversing switch (card), generally rigid definitions, most enthusiasts and professional users will take charge of drilling and screwdrivers mixed screwdrivers called screwdrivers. Rechargeable drill can be called charging drill or screwdrivers; screwdrivers but also can cooperate with six corner handle class drilling operations, but the speed is low compared to general electric drill, perforated metal is more appropriate;


Hang Bo lithium main features: quick connector (non chuck screwdriver), low speed high torque, reversing switch, stepless speed etc.. It is suitable for small strength work in home, no self stopping mechanism (easy to damage screws and fastening surface, such as pine furniture screw fastening).



Hangbo lithium battery charging impact screwdriver: the main features, fast change chuck, positive and reverse, stepless speed regulation, high speed, high torque, with professional screwdriver machine impact function. This type of screwdriver can be used to fasten heavy screws, such as M8 x 120 screws used in wooden structures abroad. The impact of screwdrivers and impact drilling / hammer impact is different, the former is the direction of attack (rotation) impact, which is the extension direction of impact drill;HANGBO has about 500 employees and covers an area of 30000 square meters.There are 5 assembly lines and more than 20pcs automatic machines in each workshop to produce the spare parts.


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