What Dose DFR Means for a Rotary Hammer

- Mar 23, 2018 -

What Dose DFR Means for a Rotary Hammer

--texted by Danyeon Zhang

You may find that we name each model of our rotary hammer with the ending words like SRE, SE, or DFR. Some of our new friends asked me about the meaning of these last words. Here I would like to explain in detail.


SE and SRE means the function for direction while our rotary hammer is drilling. The "SE" means that the machine can work just one direction. While the "SRE"  means the machine can drill left and can also drill right direction.

What about the meaning for DFR? DFR means the machine is equipped with a longer head, with this longer head, the machine can be quickly changed the head, and can drill on wood. Pls check the bellowing pictures carefully:




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