What is a brush drill, what is a brushless electric drill what is the difference?

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Brush drill is a drill motor for carbon brush contact rectifier copper on the stator coil power supply to the motor rotor and stator with the rotating magnetic field, driven by the rotation of the rotor and the formation of brushless electric drill bit rotation, refers to the use of electric brushless motor, the brushless motor is not used because the rotor coil produce a magnetic field but the magnet instead of rotor winding with stator winding to produce a rotating magnetic field and the electromagnetic torque to drive the drill movement, now the majority of electric tools is the use of series motor as power, because of its high output power, simple control circuit, but the big noise, and short service life of carbon brush, brushless motor as power electric tools still, in recent years, the main advantage is relatively small noise, long service life, convenient speed, but the control circuit is complex, with no Brush motor instead of the existing brush motor as the power of the power tool, is a development direction.

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