What Should I Buy for Impact Drills or Light Hammers?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

I used the impact drill of my neighbor to install the kitchen rack. I can drill or screw the screw. I like the power tool when I use it. It is much better than the plum screwdriver, wrench and vise in the dad's toolbox. I decided. To buy a hammer drill, I went online and found that there are three kinds of machines, called:


1. Electric screwdriver, known as both screw and drill


2. Impact drill, known as drilling wood, stone and steel plate, screwing screw is also a problem


3. Electric hammer, known as the diamond head steel plate can also smash the wall


The input power of the electric hammer is not as high as that of the impact drill, but in fact, for the concrete, the electric hammer is more powerful, the key is on the hammer, and the electric hammer breaks the stone by the fine hammer and quick hammering, while the drill bit rotates. Drain the broken stone chips, and you can see that the hammering speed has reached more than 4,500 per minute. I guess, because the drill of the electric hammer is drilled on one side of the hammer, the speed is reduced, and the speed of the drill is not fast, so you can't think which machine is more fierce according to the speed of the drill. It is the most fierce. Pay attention to the light hammer that I pick, which is the weakest in the hammer, because I only need to drill the hole fixing screw within 8mm, not to hammer a large hole in the wall or something.


In addition, only the electronic screwdrivers in these three are equipped with lithium batteries. They do not need to be connected to the power cord. They are relatively hard, so the electric screwdriver has the weakest function, but the price is similar to that of the impact drill. If there are more screws, such as assembly. Wooden cabinets are still quite suitable. It should be much cooler than a screwdriver.


Say the feeling of using a hammer:


Compared with the previous impact drill, the same drill hole is 4 cm deep on the concrete wall, and the electric drill is about 5 minutes (Imagine drilling a hole for 5 minutes, lifting the machine for 5 minutes, how tired the arm is), electricity The hammer is about 10 seconds. If it is a red brick wall, the electric drill is about 1 minute, and the electric hammer is 5 seconds. You can feel the power and rhythm of short-distance hammering before and after the hammer.


Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of electric hammer:


Advantages: 1. Electric hammer can drill all the work, the speed is much faster, especially the concrete wall drilling, I suggest not to buy impact drill, buy a light hammer.


2. The electric hammer can also be screwed. The hammer is changed to a flat drill, just like the impact drill screw, and the torque is even larger.


Disadvantages: The hammer price is about 30 dollars more than the impact drill. Others I think the light hammer has no shortcomings, and the drilling is very satisfactory.

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