Working principle and using method of electric pick

- Dec 25, 2017 -

       Electric pick is to let the motor drive the rejection thrown to do bouncing form of operation, the pick has a gouge on the ground effect. The pump hammer in the electric hammer bounces back and forth, resulting in the effect of a pickaxe hitting the ground, but the electric pick is only chiselled and its pick does not rotate


Hammer electric pick the difference


Hammer for concrete, masonry and other hard building materials on the drilling hammer to single-phase series motor as a motivation. It has the functions of rotating belt impact, single rotation and single function. Single rotation and rotating belt impact are suitable for drilling on brittle materials such as concrete, rock, brick masonry and porcelain. Single impact can be used for shoveling and ditching on concrete and brick wall And digging, shovel situation, electric hammer power, processing capacity, drilling diameter is usually between 12-50mm, choose a different head for a variety of jobs. Simple operation, high precision hole, hammer generally have overload protection device, it can be in the mask overload or automatic slip when the drill is stuck, without causing the motor to burn Center specifications hammer below 23MM, generally made with a hammer drill And only rotate the two gears adjustable structure, some small and medium specification hammer has a positive and negative rotation function, can be used as a electric screwdriver, larger hammer specifications, not only with hammer drill function, some hammer set Shock did not rotate the gear, put the electric ho head can be used as electric ho four,

Electric picks:

Electric picks mainly broken, chiseling, excavation, cutting, concrete, bricks, stones, ice, etc., in the assembly pipeline. Laying cables, sanitation installation, mechanical installation, water supply and drainage facilities. Interior decoration, port facilities and other civil engineering construction has been widely used, according to the need for more money in different forms of shovel, head cut jobs, different jobs. Widely used in construction and decoration industry. Electric hammer is also the difference between electric hammer electric hammer without rotation, only the impact function, and impact energy.

How to use electric pick

1 hammer installation or removal

Be sure to disconnect the power switch of the hammer and remove the power plug from the power outlet before installing or removing the hammer.

Four pit hammer installation, removal: The adjustment ring completely down, and then insert the hammer into the hammer clip, and has been inserted in the end. At this point, if you release the adjustment ring, the ring will automatically push back to its original position to secure the hammer. After installation, be sure to try pulling the hammer out to confirm that it is in place. When disassembling the hammer, pull the adjusting ring all the way down and pull the hammer out.

Hexagonal hammer installation, removal: such as 65-type electric pick, pull the lock out, while rotating 180. , And then face the flat side of the bit facing the lock pin, insert the hexagonal hole, and then lock the pin 180 while rotating. , Clamping bit. When removing the drill bit, pull the lock pin out and rotate it 180 degrees. , Then pull out the bit.

38-type electric pick with a card iron, iron card one end of the first open, and then the hammer can be installed or disassembled.

2. Power switch operation

Before plug in the power plug, be sure to check whether the power switch can be easily pulled in and return to the "OFF" position when the power switch is released.

To boot, just unplug the power switch; release the power switch, you can shut down. For continuous operation, press the power switch, and then press the lock button. To shut down from the locked position, you can pull the power switch to the end, and then release it.

3. Electric picks use

The hammer in place, the use of machine weight, with both hands hold the pick, you can effectively control the recoil movement. To start work at an appropriate speed, excessive force will reduce efficiency.

Check the hammer

The use of a blunt hammer will cause the motor to malfunction and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, if the hammer is obviously worn out, it should be immediately replaced with a new one or be sharpened.

Grind the chisel

Only the use of sharp chisels in order to achieve good results, it is necessary to chisel grinding on time to extend the service life, to ensure good operating results. Grinding the chisel, you can use the grinding wheel (such as diamond grinding wheel), and watering in the grinding, a reasonable grasp of the grinding size, to ensure that the peak will not flash back temper color, or chisel hardness will be affected.

6. Check the mounting screws

Always check the mounting screws are tightened, if found loose screws, should immediately re-tighten, otherwise it will lead to serious accidents.

7. Extension cable

If the work site is far from the power supply, use an extension cable with sufficient current carrying capacity (the cross-sectional area of the wire is large enough) and use as short a connector as possible. Broken cables should be promptly repaired or replaced. Antifreeze cable should be used in winter and socket should be drop resistant.

8. Grounding

I type electric pick in use must be grounded to prevent the operator from electric shock. The electric pick is equipped with a three-conductor wire and a grounding pin to accommodate a normal grounding socket. Green and yellow wire in the cable is the ground wire, do not connect the green and yellow wire to the phase.


Electric picks for intermittent work system tools, work should be suspended overheating operation, the machine naturally cooled before continuing operation. It is recommended that every 10 ~ 15min continuous operation, cooling 5 ~ 10min.

Use, beware of hidden wires, gas pipes and water pipes, metal detectors can be used to check the work area and then work.

When operating a pick at low temperatures, the electric pick sometimes does not start to attack even if the motor is rotating due to thickening of the oil. When the electric hammer is used again after low temperature or for a long time, it is necessary to preheat it for a period of time (about 5 minutes) to enable the electric pick to work at full power and shorten the warm-up time by short striking the ground with the working head.

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