Analysis Of Current Status And Development Prospects Of Power Tool Industry B

- Jul 10, 2018 -

The current situation of electric tools "electric shock"

1. Although the scale of the power tool industry is expanding continuously, most of China's enterprises are relatively weak in competitiveness. At the lower stage of imitation, the brand awareness is not strong, and most of them use low prices to obtain meager profit. Also in the e-commerce mode. Competition is more intense than traditional channels. Consumers purchase products through online shopping, which is convenient and low-priced. Therefore, the price war of e-commerce is happening almost every day, resulting in a low price of domestic brands and a high price of foreign brands.

2. Under the pressure of high online shopping and distribution costs, many traditional power tools are reluctant to contact the e-commerce development model. The types of power tools are diverse, and the logistics distribution costs are relatively higher than other products. In the context of price wars, Except for expenses such as cost, labor, freight, and warehousing, the profit share has not reached a considerable extent. Therefore, more companies are still on the sidelines. E-commerce is the trend of the times, unable to find entry points, and may face the dilemma of being eliminated.

3. Due to the low barriers to entry of e-commerce in China's power tool industry, the investment in independent innovation, product research and development, brand cultivation, etc. is relatively small. The awareness of power tools with independent intellectual property rights in the international market is far from enough. The international marketing network has not yet been effectively established. The domestic electric tool e-commerce market is challenged by foreign brands, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Many enterprises are under great pressure.

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