Analysis Of Current Status And Development Prospects Of Power Tool Industry C

- Jul 10, 2018 -

What is the prospect of power tools?

1. As one of the common application tools, power tools can be seen everywhere, such as electric drills, chainsaws, cutting machines, angle grinders, etc., and the application range is very wide, including machinery industry, building decoration, landscaping, wood processing, financial processing. Etc., plays an indispensable role in social and economic development. As the largest developing country in China, power tools have therefore been classified into the advanced equipment manufacturing industry. The market demand is quite huge and the prospects continue to improve.

2. The concept of online shopping has been deeply rooted in people's minds. The sales model of electric tools and e-commerce will increase the liquidity of products, and will no longer be limited to regional sales. At the same time, the brand awareness of enterprises will also increase, and the launch of third-party platforms will be promoted. For the circulation enterprises that do not have the ability to “touch the net”, they have the opportunity to access the rich resources of the Internet and drive the development of the industry.

3. Benefiting from the breakthrough of lithium battery technology, power tools are gradually converted to clean energy supply. The battery capacity and safety of power tools are expected to increase significantly, and battery costs are continuously decreasing. With the increase in the popularity of households, power tools need to undertake a variety of uses, breakthroughs in electronic control technology, intelligent tools into the family, the industry has great potential for development.

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