Choosing The Best Rotary Hammer To Fit Your Needs

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Choosing the best rotary hammer to fit your needs
Definitions used in Rotary Hammer Drilling:
  • Rotary hammer: A drill that uses rotation and a hammering action that breaks up the concrete as the bit rotates. Rotary hammers are designed for day-in/day-out use.

  • Demolition hammer: Heavy-duty tool designed to chip or break up concrete.

  • Combination hammer: A dual-mode hammer designed to either drill or break up concrete.

The Best Rotary Hammer Will Deliver the Most Versatility

By selecting the best rotary hammer designed to drill fast, precise holes, efficient performance will almost be guaranteed. Though operating the hammer in rotary drilling mode within the ranges listed below will offer the best results, each hammer also includes the flexibility to drill larger holes as well.

The bit/tool interface system consists of the tool’s internal components that hold the bit in place and transfer energy from the electric motor and gearing mechanism to the bit. Most hammers for rotary drilling tasks utilize one of three systems: SDS-plus®, SDS-max® or spline. Spline is a bit holding system that has been used for many years, but is gradually being replaced by the superior Bosch invented ( SDS-maxâ system. Just as doctors have specialties, each bit-holding system operates most efficiently and accurately within a defined range. For each system those ranges are:

SDS-plus: 3/16" – 3/4"

SDS-max: 1/2" – 1-3/4"

Spline: 3/8" – 1-3/8"

Even though intermittent rotary drilling at full bore capacity is possible, it’s always better to opt for the next larger rotary hammer if any drilling series requires larger holes. Like any other tool or machinery, constantly pushing a rotary hammer to its extremes will eventually lead to the tool’s failure. It’s also important to select a tool with the right functions. Bosch rotary hammers (SDS-plus) offer three modes of operation: hammer drilling, drilling only and chiseling only. Larger combination hammers typically offer two modes: hammer drilling and chiseling only.

The Best Rotary Hammer Requires The Best Bits.

When it comes to rotary hammer carbide bits for rotary drilling, it’s best to think of hammers as a system. With all the improvements in power tools over the past few years, the carbide bit technology has helped deliver even more efficiency.

Optimized flute designs help remove dust quicker, extending the speed as well as the life of the drill. Newer Full Head Carbide Bits provides added durability with up to four times the life of standard bits. Some specialty bits include dedicated rebar cutters to “stop bits" that control depth to avoid post tension cables.

Zhejiang Hangbo Power Tools Co.,LTD is located at Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. The factory is a manufacturer specializing power tools – rotary hammer and demolition hammer, which integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales into an organic whole.

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