Electric Hammer

- Dec 11, 2017 -

An electric rotary hammer drill with a safe clutch with a pneumatic hammer. Hammer is the use of compressed gas piston, impact drill bit, need not make much effort, can open 6--100mm in concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials on the hole hammer in the above-mentioned materials on the opening of high efficiency, but it is not a hole in the metal. The electric hammer comprises a motor, gear reducer, crank impact mechanism, rotational mechanism, overload protection device, power supply switch and a power supply device connecting part. Hammer principle is the driving mechanism to make rotation movement while the driven drill, hammer and reciprocating in a direction perpendicular to the rotor hammer motion. Hammer electrical fault, main circuit, short circuit, earthing, rotor commutator ring of big spark.

The electric hammer comprises a motor, gear reducer, crank impact mechanism, rotational mechanism, overload protection device, power supply switch and a power supply device connecting part.

The rotary motion of the motor is driven by the rotating shaft, the gear and the gear to drive the eccentric connecting rod impact mechanism and the straight gear bevel gear pair to get the required impact energy and torque, respectively.

The impact motion is driven by the rotary motion of the motor, and the eccentric connecting rod mechanism is driven by the gear to make reciprocating motion of the compressed piston in the cylinder sleeve, and at the same time, the air cushion between the compressed piston and the impact piston is generated. Because of the impact piston with a piston reciprocating compressor synchronous hammer drill pipe tail, so that the construction of drill hole. The air cushion is formed, and acts as a buffer when the rebound force.

The rotary drilling movement is driven by a pair of straight bevel gears by the motor through the gear, so that the cylinder sleeve rotates through the overload protection device and the six party sleeve, and transfers the torque to the drill pipe. In this way, the composite motion of the shock band is formed at the same time with the impact mechanism. The impact is mainly, the rotation is supplemented, and the hammer turns, so the construction drills are pushed forward, and the required circular holes are gradually made.

Spring, steel ball, bowl washer etc. the overload protection device. When the torque exceeds a certain range (16ram, 18mm hammer is 15 ~ 25N - m, 22mm, 24mm hammer is 20 ~ 35N - M), torque rotating sleeve, press the steel ball through its six semicircular concave hole, the radial ball pops up, the bowl washer compression spring to a certain distance, to set the and the cylinder liner disengaged. At this time, although the motor is rotating, the drill rod does not turn. This can provide protection for the drill pipe stuck, sprain the operator's wrist and burn motor due to the difference between the soft and hard concrete, loose or uneven or improper use.

Many design electric hammer drill card, it is a device for quick dismounting drill pipe. Install the electric hammer drill, drill hole will only need to plug a roller that can be loaded back. At this time the drill sleeve is automatically reset by the spring, and the roller is pushed into the small diameter of the drill rod, and the drill rod is stuck. Remove the electric hammer drill, the drill sleeve pulled back, can put the drill exit.

Design and manufacture of a hammer type hammer. Additional pairs of stator insulation, electric hammer size (26mmll2[) because the motor shell is Aluminum Alloy castings, so by setting the insulating bushing structural problems in the enclosure with the stator core, the small size electric rust (such as 18ram) using plastic shell structure. The rotor additional insulation all adopts the rotating shaft insulation structure.

The power switch, using seismic hammer hand press type self lock reset switch.

The electric power line using soft cable rubber sheathed cable, power plug and soft rubber cable is compressed into a whole, is not to be connected to power plug.

Drill operating tools impact drill and electric hammer. Impact drill with a drill called "drill"; electric hammer drill bit for said. Electric hammer drill. Both are called construction drills.

High quality carbide blade is used for the cutting edge of the construction drill. YG8 tungsten carbide drill, electric hammer drill with YGll tungsten carbide. The drill body material, with other steel 45 steel or equivalent performance impact drill shank, heat treatment, hardness of not less than HRC35; hammer drill shank with 40Cr steel, heat treatment, hardness of not less than HRC40.

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