Hangbo Electric Hammers Are Praised Frequently

- Jul 24, 2018 -

Electric hammer is one of the electric drills. It is also one of the common electric tools used by workers. In the daily use process, many problems have been plaguing the workers. The HANGBO team went to the construction site. The workers and the masters showed up the hammer and looked at it. Have you encountered a similar problem?

"For the electric hammer, my biggest feeling is that the punching speed is much faster. As a worker for piecework, I get more salaries becausr of the hammer. It is quick and more profitable!"

- Master Zhang, engaged in planting work for 8 years

It didn't take long before I bought a new electric hammer. I felt that I had no strength and the punching was too slow. These months with hangbo electric hammer down, the biggest feeling is powerful, fast! Other brands can play more than 1000 holes a day, with hangbo's 26mm electric hammer can play nearly 2000 holes a day, work efficiency has improved a lot. I have used it for more than 3 months and have not yet repaired it. I have bought more than 2,000 pieces of electric hammers for imported brands before, and started repairing them in two months. The light chucks have been changed a few times. There are more than four chucks, and there is a cost of lost work. Think about it before, one day's work is a numb, and eating and holding chopsticks are shaking. After using HANGBO, the vibration is not so big. It is not a problem to do normal work in one day!

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