How To Buy Electric Drill And Self-play Expansion Screws?

- Dec 05, 2017 -

There is a God-like website: McMaster-Carr Although you are unlikely to be directly sea Amoy, I guess the site does not support delivery outside the United States, but you can see on the market almost all the tools and parts, etc., and each The use of species The scope of application has a more detailed introduction. Optimistic about the look and model, according to what they want, go to other sites or stores to buy, want to come is also excellent. In fact, not only to buy electric drill engage in decoration, if you want to engage in some hobbies, such as carpentry, or do a little manual, or DIY some mechanical gadgets, visit this site can get a lot of knowledge, inspiration and inspiration.

What kind of concrete wall, what kind of brick wall, what kind of wood grille wall, point to each have a description.

No theory, only experience

Equipment, electric drill, impact drill, hammer, the power of a larger than one

Electric drill, but this concentricity is not usually used to tighten the screws and ground coffee

Impact drill, usually the main drilling, gear plate collision makes the whole part of the chuck before and after the impact of the impact, the use of impact when the need to force the body tight. Impact drill can be used to cover ordinary electric drill.

Light hammer, 2kg light weight, the maximum drilling capacity of 20mm, 6-12mm size to meet the household openings, easy climbing ladder one-handed operation.

By the red is the 4kg hammer, this is the nineties of the old model, now the mainstream brand corresponds to 3kg class, crankshaft drive than the light swing bearing drive vibration is much smaller, more powerful, the maximum drilling capacity 26mm, you can easily play a variety of holes within 16mm. Hilti TE15 disassemble to maintain the structure and principle of this hammer, but also the structure and principle of most of the hammer, after all, H brand is the inventor of the modern hammer. Why is the hammer or hammer, you can see in the post is a cylinder piston and two hammer. Orange is inserted under the impact drill, inexpensive, concentricity is not bad, but because it is not very suitable for my use of the habit so I bought out before long out. 650W fuselage is relatively large, with the hammer almost big, my hand is not small or not very smoothly, with the power cord over 2kg weight. Worx's work materials in the domestic brand is very good, cheaper than the East into a good looking. Bigger and heavier hammer is not recommended for home, this is not the bigger the better, the greater the lower the hammer speed, the greater the impact, the efficiency of playing holes but lower. Larger hammer with a larger interface drill, do not say here. Similarly, the need to play big holes when the small impact of small machines are not enough, the safety clutch from the torque is small, hit a large hole resistance, it is easy to have been unable to slip. For example, air conditioning through the wall need heavy hammer or rhinestone. What wall to decide what diamond plasterboard, aerated blocks, the brick wall of the previous year with ordinary electric drill (or percussion drill, electric hammer flat diamond block), percussion drill and hammer power large earthquake, drilling the soft wall Surface will play the hole bigger than expected, the anchor bolt can not stop. New brick walls, tiles with impact drill, electric drill hit imminent hammer force will break the tiles. Beam, column, roof, floor hammer to use the first two are fixed. Drill bits are masonry drill bit, is the top of the drill bit inlaid with another material metal, according to the corresponding equipment different masonry drill bit is divided into impact drill and hammer drill, the head is the same tail different, because the impact of different principles, impact drill tail Is straight, hammer drill tail is the bayonet

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