How To Maintain Electric Tools

- Sep 12, 2017 -

1. Oil pump using oil No. 20th.
2. The oil storage capacity must be within the oil window.
3. Each refueling and oil change, you must use more than 80 mesh filter, the replacement of the oil tank cleaning, oil exchange period of six months.
4. Working oil temperature is 10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.
5. Open the opening gas nut before starting the electric pump, open the switch and put it in the unloading position.
6. The use of the process found that the motor temperature is too high, should stop the use of self cooling after the use of the line.
7. The pump has been adjusted before the factory, not at random high-profile, need to readjust, the need to use the pressure gauge.
8. High-pressure tubing factory into the 105MPA test, but because the hose easily aging, so users need to check regularly, generally six months, frequent use of three months, check $number. 5MPA test pressure, if there is damage, protruding, leakage phenomenon, you can not use.
9. Bearings generally six months cleaning once, the assembly need to add grease.

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