How To Make A Hole In A Tile Does Not Crack

- Sep 12, 2017 -

1. Check the selected location: Check whether the tiles have empty drums, choose where there is no empty drum to drill holes. Assurance level. (Note that there is no hydroelectric line in the wall).
2. Before punching, first in the ceramic tile affixed to the box adhesive, the main role is to locate and prevent tile cracking.
3. In need of drilling tile position with cement nails to chisel a small point to prevent the drill bit on the tile surface skid.
4. Ceramic tile drilling stage, the electric hammer to the flat drilling mode, start on the ceramic tile surface drilling, first please press the switch, slow until the ceramic tile to wear.
5. Cement wall phase drilling, the electric hammer to hammer drill mode, followed by the cement wall, the switch to the bottom, speeding into.

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