Lithium Electric Tools Market Potential?

- Oct 18, 2017 -

1 now, lithium electric tools such as: many, lithium electric drill, impact drill, electric hammer, lithium lithium lithium lithium lithium battery electric shovel, radio saw, miter saw, lithium battery, lithium battery saber saw chain saws, curve saw, screwdriver, planer, lithium lithium lithium lithium battery, trimming machine, bakelite mill tenon machine, lithium lithium biscuits belt machine, universal lithium Po, lithium, lithium small circular saw nail gun, hot melt adhesive gun, lithium lithium lithium battery vacuum cleaner, hair dryer and so on more than 100 kinds. 


2, under normal circumstances, the same type of tool, and lithium price should be the average price almost, but you have to add lithium batteries and chargers will be more expensive than AC electric tools. 3, people with hand hand growing demand for lithium products market potential is more and more big, has many domestic big brands are now the main push of the 20V products, and the universal lithium lithium electric tool peripheral products now there are many, such as lithium lithium lithium battery box, electric fan, LED light, are common and battery electric tools, this is also a lot of. Due to the low market share of domestic manufacturers, the corresponding peripheral products are not many, but the future market can not be underestimated, it is worth looking forward to. 

4 different brands of batteries and chargers, the price difference is not too large, the manufacturers should be aware of the point is: lithium battery products have a majority of profits still rely on batteries and chargers, after all these things consumables. But for home, it's not a problem for a few years, after all, we don't have much chance to use.

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