New Model For 20MM Rotary Hammer

- Mar 06, 2018 -

                New Goddess Model 

 --Text by Danyeon Zhang 

Before the goddess day which is on March 8th, we HANGBO would like to show our goddess machine. Here pls allow me to introduce you our goddess, that is MODEL Z1A-HB-2051SRE.

We have successfully past the periods of investigation, study, improvement, testing in the past two years. And now our model 2051SRE could face to the market. This is an other historic progress that HANGBO factory have made. Hangbo is very proud to tell you that our rotary hammer with 20mm driller, could be equipped with 600 watt power. What's more, it is 3 functional machine. 

Our goddess photo is here bellow:


If you are interested in the model, welcome to contact me:

order notification.png

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