New Structure On Rotary Hammer

- Dec 19, 2017 -

New Structures on Rotary Hammer

--Text by Danyeon Zhang

The key for the development for HANGBO rotay hammer is the innovation spirit. Every staff from Hangbo factory knows the importance for creative innovation.To catch up with the world's best techniques, hangbo now have new structure for the rotary hammer.



The above picture shows the two new structures for the rotary hammers. One is the new patent structure and the other is the new embedded in aluminum.

Hangbo rotary hammer now equipped machine with screw in the bracket, thus no need to put a fork. This is a great milestone in the Hangbo rotary hammer history. What's more, engineer invent the new bracket could use screws as well as the fork. While the screw broken, we could use the fork instead. 


Then let's talk about the new embedded in aluminum. This is a new design for the head housing part. The aluminum ring is equipped on the head directly. With such a new design for the head, the quality for the head is improved a lot. The model here above is the one equipped with such a head housing.

We have many model that could use both new structures. Welcome contact me here bellow:

danyeon info.jpg

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