Power Tool Selection Guide Seventeen: Brushless And Brush In Power Tools - An Overview

- Nov 15, 2017 -

1. problem: hammer drill's hammer. Answer: here is a definition of scale and work principle, hammer hammer represents action, and rotary hammer because of the use of SDS or SDSPLUS interface, work action for hammer, hammer action is hitting the drill bit, can solve the hole concrete, human output is very little. So in the American classification. And hammer drill emphasizes that as long as there is hit, it can include rotary on the scale. But it is because of these reasons, the impact of drilling by mechanical gear structure change impact action, will be very fast, the end can reach 80000bpm, but the intensity is far worse than rotary, so she is mainly a drill (drilling) therefore solve concrete if more than 10mm is extremely difficult, the use of three jaw chuck. So the search hammer drill will appear + hammer percussion drill, and search for rotary mainly hammer. Therefore, the layer master "average 4 hours hit a scrap of", or impact drill, or tool use high strength, overload or tool quality can not do. So the electric hammer and drill too big difference, if the solution of concrete, please look for rotary hammer instead of hammer drill contains a hammer, hammer and hammer, so that more accurate classification.

2. question: "as an ordinary retailer in a three tier city, the price of this tool is too expensive to consume, and our knowledge level is too shallow to study. But I really want to ask what industry can afford this kind of tool?"" Answer: not only excellent companies, DIY enthusiasts will consider, with the domestic pursuit of product quality, quality of life continues to improve, excellent products will be more and more accepted.

3. question: "landlord wrote seventeen articles, in fact, around the problem is similar to Canon Nikon, who is better?"" Answer: "electric tool purchase guide" the main purpose is to popularize the family DIY tool knowledge, not simply contrast parameters (parameter importance is that you can understand the technology front), the main role is to update ideas, open up the market more.

Some experience of 4. value: no common friends may not choose (brushless electric tool selection guide inside itself according to their own needs to understand, I have not brushless), battery life is very important, close to the used tools (not reliable), tool backup is needed.

5. about parameter, idea and so on. Now manufacturers are struggling battery technology, brushless technology, so the "parameters are virtual", "very similar" and so on, there are some deviations, equalitarianism usually does not represent the development, a certain degree of difference in order to form progress and innovation. Domestic decoration team uses a lot of tools without cards, which is in the service concept is the problem (make money quickly, do the money to leave), "in fact, around the problem is similar to the Canon Nikon who is better" is not, but introduces the characteristics of the brand products. Better "product" has no meaning at all times. Therefore, "for those who really work, who is cheap / give me preferential who is good" is the main idea of the problem, similar products can be considered, but low quality products are not recommended.

6. quote a friend from other values: "a person who doesn't love tools, doesn't know the tools, never works at top level, and even middling is hard.". I contacted a lot of maintenance, installation, people doing good, basically all use their own tools, and the use of brand is very good, public tools rarely used. I also do the maintenance and construction of more than ten years, the multi-function pliers body is always with a Vivtorinox, 8 commonly used screwdriver head, a small cross a small screwdriver, a STANLEY shidianbi. Take with you wherever you go. Now, there are almost all tools at home. Support the landlord, at least he helped you do a summary of commonly used tools, the collection and translation of some related comments, which are required to spend time. Of course, everyone's way of making a living is different, not necessarily will do repair and construction, but for the work of others and the landlord's hard work, please maintain basic respect. It is shameful to belittle others to raise one's self. A real master screw a screw can make people feel professional, respect for hard repair and installation of the master."

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