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- Nov 09, 2017 -

Electric tools, electric hammer is a kind of electric drill, mainly used in the concrete slab. Brick and stone on the hole. Professional on the wall, concrete, stone top drilling, and multifunctional electric hammer, adjusted to the proper position with appropriate drill can replace the ordinary electric drill, electric use.

The hammer is in drill on the basis of increased by a motor driven piston crankshaft, in a cylinder of reciprocating air, which is in the air pressure in the cylinder cycle changes, changes in air pressure to drive the hammer hit the top of the cylinder reciprocating drill, if we use a hammer percussion drill. Named hammer!

Due to the rotation of the drill bit in the hammer also produced a rapid reciprocating motion along the direction of the drill rod (frequent impact), so it can be fast drilling on the brittleness of cement concrete and stone material. You can use high-grade hammer switch, the electric hammer drill in different working condition, only rotation is not only the impact of shocks, both impact and rotation can not rotate.

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