The Characteristics Of The Hammer

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Hammer is attached to a pneumatic hammer mechanism with a safety clutch electric rotary hammer drill. Hammer is the use of piston movement principle, the impact of compressed gas drill bit, do not need to hand how much effort can be in concrete, brick, stone and other hard materials to open the hole 6--100mm, Hammer hole in the above material efficiency Higher, but it can not cut holes in the metal.


1, a good damping system: can make the operator hold comfortable, relieve fatigue.

Ways to achieve: through the "vibration control system" to achieve; through the soft rubber grip to increase comfort;

2, precise speed switch: touch the switch when the speed is low, can help smooth the machine from the drill (for example, the smooth surface of the tile and other drilling, not only to prevent the drill slip, but also to prevent drilling rupture. Use high speed to ensure productivity.

3, stable and reliable safety clutch: also known as the torque limit clutch, to avoid the use of the drill chuck due to the large torque reaction force transmitted to the user, which is a user of a security. This feature also prevents the gear unit and the motor from stopping rotating.

4, a comprehensive motor protection device: In use, there will inevitably be granular hard objects into the machine (especially for the machine up drilling operation, such as the wall drilling), if the motor is not protected, rotating at high speed Very easy to be touched by hard objects or scratched enameled wire, eventually leading to motor failure.

5, positive and negative function: can make a wider range of use of electric hammer, the realization of the form is mainly through the switch or adjust the carbon brush position to achieve, usually big tools will be used to adjust the carbon brush position (rotating brush holder) to achieve, so The benefits are easy to operate, effectively inhibit the spark to protect the commutator, to extend the service life of the motor

6, hammer drill dual function

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