The Common Problems And Maintenance For A Rotary Hammer

- May 29, 2018 -

Rotary hammer is a kind of electric tools, mainly used for drilling holes in concrete, floor, brick wall and stone. Professional in the wall, concrete, stone on the top of the hole, and multi-functional electric hammer, adjusted to the appropriate position with the appropriate bit can replace the ordinary drill, the use of electric pickaxe. Then what are the faults of the electric hammer in daily use? What should I do when there is a failure? Here I summed up the following two kinds of power tools common problems and maintenance methods:

Electric breakdown of electric hammer is mainly caused by open circuit, short circuit, grounding, or large rotor spark.

The breakage of the circuit breaker is mostly the broken line, in which the wire is broken most frequently in the root of the handle, so the broken line has one characteristic, that is, the power line of the electric hammer is connected to the resistance gear of the multimeter, the switch is pressed, the hand moves the root of the leather line, the reading of the multimeter will change, and the root of the plug is also the root of the plug. Easy break, switch bad situation is also a lot, switch use of multimeter is a good check of carbon brush contact bad can also cause circuit breakage, check carbon brush, contact is not the way there are two:

First, observe that the face of the carbon brush is smooth and well contacted, and the contact of the surface is poor. There is also a method of checking the form of the multimeter to the end of the motor. At the same time, two screwdrivers are pressed to the brush nest and the rotor at the same time. At this time, it shows that the motor has no fault, and the carbon brush is not accessible, indicating that the carbon brush has a bad contact. The stator earrings are broken and the motor can be broken.

The rotor is sometimes cut off, which is characterized by the power line being connected to the multimeter and slowly rotating the rotor. The reading will vary greatly.  Grounding is usually caused by iron rubbing by stator and rotor. The rotor, the other one, is dry by water or moisture. The rotor spark is usually caused by the rotor fault. It needs to replace the rotor. After the rotor is replaced, it is necessary to observe whether there is a phenomenon of rubbing iron. The sound of a choked choking is made when the iron cleaning is serious, and the working time of the iron cleaning will also increase with the burning of the coke. The cause of the iron cleaning is that the screw is loosened and the bearing seat is fixed. Too loose, stator shell deformation, bearing damage and so on.

The main fault of the mechanical part of the electric hammer is not to shock and shock. The main reason for the non impact is the aging of the piston and the apron on the hammer. The big cylinder is erected, and the mouth is down, such as the hammer can fall freely, the ring must be aging, and the rubber ring can hear the piston and the hammer hit each other when working. Sound, after dismantling, can be found that the end of the piston and the hammer face bright, short shock seeds can also cause no impact (compared with the new impact seed) no oil and may cause weak impact. If the above conditions are normal, there is no impact yet. Then we must observe the large cylinder to see if there is any crack or crack.

If the motor is turned after starting, the hammer will not hear the compressed sound. It may be the connecting rod is broken or the eccentric wheel is broken. If the motor is turned after starting the motor, the hammer will not rotate or the compressed sound may be damaged by the first wheel or the shaft of the rotor. Another thing is that the bad teeth are bad or not at all. There is also a phenomenon that calls for attention, that is, the bond fracture. When we check the gear and shaft matching, because of the strong friction shaft and the gear glue and together, it is not easy to find the fracture of the key, but can not work normally with the load.

Before replacing the new parts, we must clean up the spoils and oil stains in the trouble spots so that we can detect other faults. The needle roller bearings in the middle cover must be used well, for example, if the defective products are damaged, they can easily damage the shaft of the first wheel and the rotor.


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