The Correct Operation Method Of Electric Hammer

- Sep 12, 2017 -

1. "With impact drilling" operation.
2. Pull the working mode knob to the impact hole position.
3. Put the drill bit into the drilling position, then pull the switch trigger, hammer drill only slightly push pressure, so that the chip can be free to discharge, do not push pressure. Safe Operating Procedures (iii) from the discharge can be, do not push pressure.
4. "Chisel flat, Broken" operation
5. Pull the working mode knob to the "single hammer" position.
6. Use the rig weight to carry out the operation without exerting pressure.
7. Drilling operations
8. Pull the working mode knob to "drilling" (not hammering) position.
9. Place the drill bit on the position where it needs to be drilled, then pull the switch trigger and push it lightly.

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