The Safe Operation Of The Electric Hammer

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Personal protection, use a hammer at

1, the operator should wear protective glasses to protect the eyes. When the face faces up, wear a protective mask.

2. Earplugs are good for the long term, so as to reduce the effect of noise.

3. The bit is in a burning state after long term operation, and should pay attention to burn skin when changing.

4, the operation should use the side handle, hands operation, to prevent the reverse force when the arm sprains.

5, stand on the ladder work or high work should do high falling measures, the ladder should be supported by the ground personnel.

Two. Precautions should be taken before homework


Hammer Atlas

1, confirm the site connected with the power supply and the electric nameplate is consistent. Whether there is a leakage protector.

2, the drill and the gripper should be fit and properly installed.

3. When drilling the wall, ceiling and floor, we should first confirm whether there are buried cables or pipes.

4. When working in high places, we should pay full attention to the safety of the following objects and pedestrians, and set up a warning sign when necessary.

5, confirm the hammer switch is cut off, if the power switch is switched on, then the plug is inserted into the power socket of electric tools will immediately turn by surprise, which may lead to injury risk.

6, if the workplace is far away from the place of power supply, when the cable is extended, adequate capacity should be used to install the qualified extension cable. An extension cable should be elevated to an elevated road or a measure to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged.

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