The Use Of Electric Hammer

- Dec 11, 2017 -

First, the inspection before the operation should comply with the following requirements:

1, no cracks and breakages are found in the shell and handle.

2, the cable soft wire and plug are intact, the switch is normal, and the protection and connection are correct and reliable.

3. The protective cover of each department is complete and the electrical protection device is reliable.

Two. When the equipment is started, the machine should be operated in no load. It should be checked and confirmed that the linkage of the machine tools is flexible and unobstructed. During the operation, the force should be smooth and not too hard.

Three, work should grasp the electric drill or electric hammer handle, drilling bit first arrived in special rivet surface, and then start, moderate, avoid shaking speed; if a sharp decline, should reduce the force, to prevent motor overload, prohibit the use of wood to carry the pressure.

Four. When drilling, we should avoid the reinforcement in the concrete.

Five, 40% electric hammer drill and intermittent working system, shall be continuously used for a long time.

Six. When the operation aperture is above 25mm, there should be a stable operating platform, and a guardrail should be set around.

Seven. The use of overloading is strictly prohibited. In the operation, we should pay attention to the sound and temperature rise. It is found that the abnormality should be stopped immediately. When the working time is too long, when the temperature rise of the machine is more than 60 C, the machine should stop, and then the operation will be done after the natural cooling.

Eight. When the equipment is rotated, it must not be done.

Nine, during the operation, do not touch the electric chainsaw cutting tool, mold and grinding wheel by hand, is found to be blunt, damaged, repair or replacement should be immediately shut down, and then continue to work.

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