To Choose HANGBO Is To Choose Colorful Life

- Mar 27, 2018 -

To Choose HANGBO is to Choose Colorful Life

--texted by Danyeon Zhang

As one of the most professional manufactuers in China, we HANGBO manufacture rotary hammer with A+ quality. Meanwhile, we do winning appearance for the products.

Here I would like to show the colorful machines here.

MOD:Z1A-HB-2621 东城绿 .jpg

The above machine is our 2621SRE, this rotary hammer is welcomed by the customers from Saudi Arabia and Western Europe.


The above machine is our 3231SRE model, with charming light Orange color, the machine is welcomed by customers from Vietnam.

2807 2607 321_副本.jpg

The above machine is 2601SRE model, this hammer drill is welcomed by Malaysia and Singapore customer.

MOD:Z1A-HB-2851 SRE 红开关_副本.jpg

And this is our 2851SRE model, it is welcomed by customers from Pakistan, Srilanka, and Vietnam, etc.

To choose HANGBO is to choose colorful life. We can make your own color and brand for the machines. And make your brand attracting every customer and give good reflections for the customer. 

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