What Is The Difference Between Rotary Hammer And Hammer Drill?

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Both tools perform the same tasks using the same principles, however, the differences lie in the respective tools’ sizes as well as specifications. Hammer drills are basically “regular” drills with the added ability of being set to “hammer mode” which strikes downward onto the bit in order to concussively break masonry, concrete and tile while the bit spins, (masonry/concussion bits differ from standard twist drill bits btw). The rotary hammer does the same thing except that generally and for the most part spin slower, strike at a lesser rate BUT strike much harder than a hammer drill. Another difference lies in the bits accepted by rotary hammers, there are 4 rotary hammer bit types (this means there are 4 different rotary hammer chuck types as well!), they are: spline, SDS, SDS Plus and SDS Max.

BOTTOM LINE (finally right!) If one needs to occasionally drill into concrete, brick etc OR often smaller holes into those materials a hammer drill would be the appropriate tool. For larger diameter and/or depth holes or commercial/production the rotary hammer is the more efficient, effective choice.

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